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Liv B Mobile Filters

I use these filters to edit all my instagram and blog photos. I love that it gives each photo a similar look and feel! When put together in an Instagram feed, it really gives it some consistency and makes it have a "theme".

These filters are intended to be used with the FREE Lightroom Mobile App. 

The instructions that come with your purchase will show you step-by-step how to install the app, how to install the filters and how to tweak the settings for different photos.

What you get with your purchase:

  • 6 filters: Liv B Sweet, Liv B Savory, Liv B Fresh, Liv B Wild, Liv B Lifestyle, Liv B Sunset.
  • Instructions for using the filters & editing tips. 
  • Some photos for you to practice on, in case you don’t have any photos you need to edit right away.

Technical things:

  • the filters work best on high-quality photos that are in focus and taken in good lighting. Most smartphones these days take great quality photos, but if you have a DSLR or digital camera, you’ll love how the presets make those photos look.
  • some of the new Huawei phones have trouble with Adobe. As these filters are meant to be used with the Adobe Lightroom CC app, you may not be able to use them with your Huawei phone. This is an issue between Huawei and Adobe, and is out of my control! If you have doubts, I would suggest looking into your phone's compatibility with Adobe before purchasing.

* As this is a digital product, there will be NO REFUNDS offered for any reason.*